Dr. Terre Quinn

Symptoms of
Breast Cancer
Patients have various symptoms which can be different depending on the type and stage of cancer that patient has. However, common signs and symptoms include:

A lump in the breast or underarm. Lumps are the most common sign of breast cancer, but there could be other signs. It is also important to remember, most breast lumps are not cancer. Lumps are usually painless, but can produce pain or tenderness.

Swelling under the arm.

Changes in the nipple. Changes could be a rash, itching, dimpling, burning, ulcers, discharge or nipple retraction.

  • Significant risk factors for breast cancer are gender (female) and age.
  • Women under 30 have a 0.44% chance of developing breast cancer over their next 10 years. By the age of 50, that number increases to 2.31%.





Our Reviews

"I went into Dr. Mcglothin's office tired, sick, and worn down I knew that I was sent there and that I was not at that step yet to need her services. But she took me in and talk to me with such kindness, and she examined me anyway and directed me to the right step and the right people. She taught me something yesterday. I had therapy yesterday (I wish she had a couch 🙂 ) I pray that I don't have to have surgery but if I do and I get to see her again it will be a blessing as she truly blessed my heart yesterday. Love, love loved her. If you ever have to receive the service she provides I recommend her she is so patient, caring and kind."

"Recently had a surgery done by her. And in all honesty she is amazing! She made me feel at ease! It has been my first surgery ever and it went smoothly! Also in in my 20s and she made it easy for me to connect with her, her personality was sweet and positive! Which is huge when you are going into breast surgery. Highly recommend her!"

"Dr. Mcglothin is awesome and super sweet. She's down to earth and her bedside manners are outstanding! She's warm, cordial, fast, effective, and efficient. I recommend her to all! The front office staff are amazing! I felt as if I was a part of their family. Thank you Dr. McGlothin"

"I am a breast cancer Survivor!! Sometimes we don't realize how strong we can be until we have no other choice!! Dr. Terre McGlothin has truly been many of blessings in my life."